About me

Hi there!

My name is Michael and I am a young professional from the Netherlands. I once started this website as a way to have a platform to be a live streamer but I quickly felt that I am not an inherent entertainer that loves to stand in the spotlight. Instead, it is morphing into a platform in which I share subjects that I find important, such as politics, information security, privacy and personal freedom. But I guess you’ve noticed that already.

One question that some visitors ask me is who I really am. I am someone who absolutely loves the challenge of the unknown. It is exhilarating to find things I did not know and learn about them through practice. I thrive in situations in which I, with guidance from more experienced people, can explore the unknown path to learn more and find appropriate solutions to challenges. By structuring the unknown into a structured format based on rational thought, I feel it becomes possible to control and adjust organisations and their information security practices more effectively.

My interests in my professional life gravitate towards incident response management, disaster recovery and business continuity management. It highly interests me to consider what happens after an incident occurs and how we can mitigate these incidents to prevent them from damaging the organisation. As these situations never are entirely the same, it is a challenge to me to find fitting method to be in control of these aspects inside an organisation and avert escalation where possible. I believe that Asia is one of the markets where the expertise of an information security expert has a larger impact than in Europe and America, and because of this I’ve done two internships. One in Xiamen, China and the second one in Taipei, Taiwan. I strongly desire to work inside this region for a prolonged time for both my personal growth and the potential of being able to contribute to society.

As I grow older, I spend more time thinking about how I’d like to shape my life into something that makes me happy. One of the central themes in this question revolves around the principle of passing on your knowledge after you’ve attained it and applied it out in the world. We contribute in many different ways, but in the end we truly succeed if we can positively influence people around us to become better than they were before. It is therefore my mission in life to learn more, apply that knowledge and pass it on to the next generation.

In my spare time I am often found to be conversing with friends around the globe, via Discord and other utilities, to spend quality time in gaming, conversation and random shenanigans. I enjoy to  do photography, but find it a challenge to be truly inspired by places. One day I will look back however, and have an immensely large library of images and photographs that were taken around the world.