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A challenger stepped up to the plate!

That challenger is me, you guessed it right! I am a very energetic young professional who, after a short detour, is pursuing his dreams again within the world of Information Security. I am driven by knowledge; by the idea of attaining as much as possible to then one day give back before I may retire. Is it early to think about this? You bet! But I want to be clear in my purpose. I learn, I apply and I pass on. That’s a purpose in life that I think is valuable and worthwhile!

Some of the things I did to learn were exchange trips to both China (2011) and Taiwan (2016), as well as my graduation project where I looked into the implications of the GDPR and its impact on a (proprietary) framework for IT-Audits. I spent a two and a half years working for T-Mobile as both Customer Support and Collections & Billing staff, where I was heavily involved in multiple projects that helped to automate various processes and reduce handle time for agents, saving significant amounts of money and time.

Recently, I’ve started to study for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification as well, to better arm myself with great tools to help your next project along.

I am a straight shooter who is very direct without the fluff, when needed. I am what they call a “blue-print thinker” who appreciates thorough preparation and planning. This comes back in my professional interests, which include the following subjects:

But, learning and growth does not stop there. I’ve spent a few years of my personal life leading groups of people within our gaming community, which helped me understand the necessity of teamwork and how delegating and organizing a team is crucial to long-term success. I’ve also worked on a wiki project for a community of 3000 players prior to my departure from the community; giving me insight in how to better frame information for people with varying perspectives.